by 约翰·斯托顿(BASc, BFA) 最后一次更新, 医学上的审查, Vanessa Voltolina(硕士,RD)

柿子是一种美味的外来水果,里面含有丰富的菠菜导航网600益处. They are more than just a sweet 和 tasty treat; they have health benefits which may include ability to improve eye health, 减少衰老迹象, 改善消化, 增强免疫系统, 降低血压, 照顾好你的 皮肤. 此外,它们还有助于减少炎症,促进全身血液循环.


柿子是橙色或红褐色的水果,形状又小又扁 西红柿. They are known to have a sweet 和 textured flavor. There are usually two kinds of persimmons – astringent 和 non-astringent varieties. Astringent persimmons are high in plant chemicals known as tannins; these tend to give the unripe version of the fruit a bitter, 干燥的味道. One must wait for astringent persimmons to ripen to eat them. Non-astringent, 另一方面, 是一个品种, which is also rich in tannins but can be eaten unripe.

柿子属于科学家族, Diospyros. As more information about ancient cultures has emerged, 多亏了人类学和考古学, different types of persimmons have been classified into the following:

  • 日本柿
  • 美国的柿子
  • 黑色的柿子
  • 日期-李子
  • 印度柿子

所有这些柿子都有相同的基本营养价值和菠菜导航网600益处, 有一些显著的区别, 就像 纤维 content 和 trace amounts of unusual organic compounds. There are a number of common names 和 nicknames for persimmons, 包括“木星的火,-《菠菜导航网600》-和《菠菜导航网600》. 柿子可以新鲜吃, 干, 生, 还是熟的, 每种方法都会改变风格, 但它们通常是甜的和多汁的. If allowed to ripen fully, the flesh can almost be scooped out with a spoon.

关闭 up of fresh 和 tasty orange persimmons on a wooden table

柿子又叫沙仑果. 图片来源:在上面


能源 127
能源 [kJ]531
蛋白质 [g]0.8
总脂质(脂肪) [g]0.4
碳水化合物的区别 [g]33.5
钙,钙 [mg]27
铁、铁 [mg]2.5
磷、磷 [mg]26
钾、钾 [mg]310
钠,钠 [mg]1
维生素C,总抗坏血酸 [mg]66
色氨酸 [g]0.01
苏氨酸 [g]0.04
异亮氨酸 [g]0.04
亮氨酸 [g]0.06
赖氨酸 [g]0.05
甲硫氨酸 [g]0.01
胱氨酸 [g]0.02
苯丙氨酸 [g]0.04
酪氨酸 [g]0.02
缬氨酸 [g]0.04
精氨酸 [g]0.03
组氨酸 [g]0.02
丙氨酸 [g]0.04
天冬氨酸 [g]0.08
谷氨酸 [g]0.1
甘氨酸 [g]0.04
脯氨酸 [g]0.03
丝氨酸 [g]0.03
来源包括:美国农业部 [1]


As per USDA Natio部分 营养 Database, persimmons are rich in 维他命A, 维生素C, 维生素E, 维生素b (特别是 维生素B6,以及膳食纤维, , , , ,磷.  根据一项 报告 on this fruit in the jour部分 Experimental 和 Clinical Sciences, 柿子还含有其他有机化合物. 这些包括儿茶素, 类胡萝卜素的化合物, 和其他人, many of which contribute to their added health benefits. [2] [3]


Let us look at the health benefits of persimmons in detail below:


This delicious little fruit is packed with agents that may be antioxidant, 和anti-cancerous, which can possibly boost your body’s ability to fight free radicals, improve overall health 和 protect against many diseases. 自由基是细胞的副产物 新陈代谢 that can mutate healthy cells into cancerous ones 和 damage various organ systems. 一项研究发表在 韩国营养学杂志 探讨柿叶提取物对人胃癌细胞的抗癌作用. It concluded that persimmon leaf extracts revealed strong anticancer potential. 然而, more research on the effects of this fruit is needed. [4]

As mentioned, persimmons have high levels of 维生素C 和 A, β-胡萝卜素 [5], 类黄酮以及可能的酚类化合物——如儿茶素和没食子儿茶素——都与抗癌作用有关.  Dr. 库马尔,博士. 马苏德·萨迪克·巴特和他的同事发表了一份 研究 in 实验与临床科学杂志 这表明这种水果含有类胡萝卜素和儿茶素,对多种癌细胞具有抗癌作用. [6] [7]


It may help boost immunity due to the possible presence of 维生素C. 柿子是所有水果中抗坏血酸(维生素C)含量最高的水果之一,一个柿子就含有每天所需这种有益营养物质的80%. 一项研究发表在 食品质量杂志 指出维生素C刺激免疫系统,增加白细胞的产生, which are the primary line of defense for the body against microbial, 病毒, 和真菌感染, 以及异物或毒素. [8]


最喜欢的水果, 柿子是纤维的良好来源, containing almost 20% of the daily requirement in a single serving. Fiber helps the body process food in a more efficient way by adding bulk to the stool, stimulating peristaltic motion to move the food through the digestive tract, increasing secretions of gastric 和 digestive juices, 缓解症状 便秘腹泻. 整体, 柿子这样的高纤维水果对你的胃肠道系统有很大的促进作用,可以保护你免受结肠直肠癌和其他类似疾病的侵袭. 它也可以帮助人们 减肥 by defending them against lipid uptake, which can cause obesity. 一项研究 营养生物化学杂志 柿子等富含膳食纤维的水果可以促进脂质代谢,防止低密度脂蛋白胆固醇(LDL-C)氧化。. [9]


柿子s are possibly rich in a number of vitamins 和 minerals, 尤其是维生素A, β-胡萝卜素, 叶黄素, 番茄红素,玉米黄质. These vitamins may function as 抗氧化剂 in the body to reduce oxidative stress, which can in turn help diminish signs of premature aging, 像皱纹, 老年斑,疲劳,等等. 一组日本研究人员发表了一项研究,该研究可能支持柿子皮中发现的某种多酚的保护作用, that plays a crucial role against oxidative damage under the aging process. [10]


The compounds in persimmons may also have a benefit for the health of your eyes! 一种常见的化合物,类胡萝卜素酒精玉米黄质是从复合维生素b中发现的. 柿子s are known to be packed with this class of vitamins. 根据博士. 林国伟及李国伟博士. 保罗但的研究, 玉米黄质作为一种抗氧化物质与改善眼睛菠菜导航网600有直接联系. 它进一步说明,该化合物具有协助减少相关条件的潜力, 比如黄斑变性, 白内障和夜盲症. [11]


Potassium is another mineral found in significant quantities in persimmons. 钾可以作为一种血管舒张剂——一种降血压剂——从而可能增加身体各个部位的血流量. 低血压也有助于减少心血管系统的压力,预防各种与心脏有关的疾病.

2012年发表在该杂志上的一项研究 食品,科技储备 调查是否有任何博士. 刘金芳博士. 中Kurakane, 等, 在《菠菜导航网》杂志上发表了一项研究, 科学技术储备, 他们研究了未成熟柿子对自发性高血压大鼠的抗高血压作用. The 研究 showed that when the rats were fed the fruit for 2-3 days, 他们的血压下降了. 虽然初步结果很有希望, more scientific evidence 和 studies are required to support this claim. [12]


柿子能降低血压,还能提供铜元素,铜是人体的一种重要元素 产生新的红细胞. 没有铜,你就不能吸收各种必需的营养物质来制造额外的血红蛋白. 增加菠菜导航网600红细胞的循环对菠菜导航网600有很多好处, 包括帮助提高认知功能, 肌肉张力, 新陈代谢, 和能量水平, 以及 伤口 修复和细胞生长. [13]

韩国研究团队发表在《菠菜导航网》杂志上 药膳杂志 揭示了柿叶乙醇提取物对大鼠血液循环和脂质代谢可能的有益作用, 谁吃高脂肪菠菜导航网. 研究表明,柿子有可能通过阻碍血液凝固和血小板活化以及降低血浆来改善血液循环 胆固醇水平. 然而,还需要进一步详细的研究来探索这种特殊的菠菜导航网600益处. [14]


柿子也可能含有这种物质 B复杂 像吡哆醇这样的维生素 叶酸, 和硫胺, 它们都是人体各种酶反应和代谢功能的重要组成部分. 维生素b, in combination with all of the essential vitamins 和 minerals for health, ensure that your body’s systems function efficiently 和 effectively. 一项研究发表在 科学报告 杂志 发现饮食中的-胡萝卜素“与死亡风险成反比”. Further studies are needed to enhance these findings, 然而,柿子含有这些维生素b, they may also assist in this reduction in comorbidities. [15]


柿子可以新鲜吃, 干, 生, 还是熟的, 每种方法都会改变风格, 但它们通常是甜的和多汁的. If allowed to ripen fully, the flesh can almost be scooped out with a spoon.

There is also a misconception of allowing them to ripen almost to a rotting state, 但在现实中, you should allow them to ripen until they are fully soft 和 pulpy.

警告: 柿子s consist of flavonoid 抗氧化剂 和 tannins, that are beneficial for 菠菜导航网600,血压和胆固醇水平. 一组土耳其研究人员对老鼠进行了一项研究,表明单宁酸和没食子酸, 都存在于柿子中, 有效降低 高血压. 然而, too much persimmons may 降低血压 significantly, 因此,如果你是低血压患者,请避免摄入. [16]

Enjoy these delectable fruits 和 the health benefits they will confer on you!


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