Pomelos: 好处 & How To Eat Them (Pummelo)

by Meenakshi Nagdeve 最后一次更新, Medically reviewed by Vanessa Voltolina (MS, RD)

当涉及到 柚子, 挑选合适的水果是一件非常棘手的事情,因为每一个水果的颜色都有很大的不同, 多汁性, 味道, 等等. They can go from being seedless to fruit with too many seeds, 黄色,粉红色, juicy to absolutely bone dry. However, when compared to their citric counterpart 葡萄柚, 柚子 are less tart 和 tangy.

尽管柚子的口味多种多样,但它对菠菜导航网600有很多好处. For those willing to do a bit of searching 为 this fruit, their impressive health benefits include their ability to boost the immune system, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, reduce cramping. Pomelos may also help reduce signs of premature aging, aid in 减肥, boost oral 和 dental health.

What is a Pomelo or Pummelo?

柚子被认为是一种柑橘类水果,它与葡萄柚和柑橘属的其他成员关系密切. Its scientific name is Citrus maxima. 它的大小相当大,在大小上最接近这类柑橘类水果的是葡萄柚. Pomelo is primarily found in Southeast Asia, which is its native region. 它在世界其他地方相对不那么受欢迎,因为它通常需要8年的时间来生长,种子才能开始开花和结果. 也, much of the weight 和 volume of pomelo is tough 和 inedible, while only the inner flesh is palatable. [1]

在理想的情况下, the 味道 of pomelo is quite pleasant, with the consistency of 葡萄柚, (if you are lucky enough to pick the perfect fruit). This fruit is usually pale green or yellow in color, while the edible flesh inside is pulpy 和 white, 粉红色的, 或红色, depending on the variety. The history of its use 日期 back to at least a few hundred years, 尽管它的种植时间可能比东南亚国家长得多.

关闭-up view of pomelo fruit

Pomelo fruits have a sweet 和 non-bitter 味道. Photo Credit: Shutterstock


As per the USDA data, 柚子 are particularly rich in 维生素C, which offers most of its health benefits as explained in detail below. Apart from that, it is rich in water, energy, 纤维, , 蛋白质. They are also a good source of , , , , . It holds some important vitamins such as 烟酸, low quantities of thiamin, 核黄素, 维生素B6也. All of these nutrients make 柚子 a healthy fruit. [2]

碳水化合物在柚子: A 100 gm serving of this fruit contains around 9.62 grams of carbs.

柚子的热量: A 100 gm serving of this fruit contains around 38 calories.

This rich nutrient profile of 柚子 makes them a healthy addition to any diet.

Pomelo Health 好处

The health benefits of these citrus fruits are explained below.

Rich in 抗氧化剂

柚子富含抗氧化剂,可以防止自由基引起的细胞损伤, that further result in various chronic health problems. Pomelos are a rich source of 抗氧化剂 like naringenin 和 naringin, which are commonly found in citrus fruits. They also contain another 类黄酮 被称为 番茄红素. All of these are known 为 their anti-inflammatory 和 -healthy properties. [3] [4] [5]

May Boost Immunity

一个剥了皮的柚子(将近21盎司或610克)含有将近每日摄入量的412%. 这种抗坏血酸的主要来源已被用作快速免疫系统的助推器. 维生素C as an antioxidant to increase white blood cell activity 和 attack free radicals, which can damage the organs of the body. It helps to fight off infections that lead to colds, coughs, 发烧, serious symptoms or microbial, viral, bacterial infections. [6] [7]

Aids in Digestion

Most fruits contain high amounts of 纤维 和 柚子 are no exception. 一个柚子(只含果肉)含有人体每日所需纤维的25%. Adequate 纤维 促进s healthy digestion 和 eliminates problems like 便秘腹泻. High 纤维 content bulks up the stool, 促进s smooth movement in the digestive tract, 刺激消化液和胃液的分泌,分解难以消化的复杂蛋白质. This keeps the digestive system functioning at a high level. [8]

Might Regulate Blood Pressure

柚子是钾的一个很好的来源,大约是你每天所需钾的37%. Potassium is a vasodilator, meaning that it releases the tension in the blood vessels, increases blood 循环 和 oxygenation in the organs. It also reduces the strain on the 心 和 lowers your chances of 动脉粥样硬化, 心 attack, stroke. [9] [10]

Maintains Heart Health

Pomelos may also help reduce cholesterol 和 triglyceride levels in the body, which if not controlled, can result in severe coronary issues. 发表在《菠菜导航网600》(Jour部分 of Toxicology)上的一项为期21天的动物研究发现,当大鼠补充浓缩柚子提取物时, their triglyceride levels went down by 21%, their bad cholesterol by 41 %. 也就是说, 还需要对人类进行更多的研究,以找到柚子和心脏菠菜导航网600之间的联系. [11]

May Promote 减肥

柚子和葡萄柚都含有一种“脂肪燃烧酶”,可以帮助你减肥. 它被称为 carnitine palmitoyl-transferase 和 is not found in many foods. 这种酶可以促进你与减肥的斗争,这就是为什么许多节食者选择在他们的饮食中包括柚子. Apart from that, 柚子 contain 纤维 和 蛋白质, both of which 诱导 a feeling of fullness f或者一个 longer period of time. [12] [13] [14]

Anti-aging Properties

Pomelos are rich in 维生素C 和 many 抗氧化剂 that help prevent 皮肤 damage due to oxidative stress, helps maintain a youthful 皮肤 free of wrinkles, 色素沉着, age-related spots. According to a 2013 报告 发表在《 EXCLI杂志,柚子也可能降低晚期糖基化终产物(AGEs)的形成,这可以 导致 several 皮肤-related issues like 皮肤 discoloration 和 spots. The high levels of 维生素B1, , other essential nutrients in pomelo fruit are thought to 促进 头发 health 和 help prevent d和ruff. It also improves the quality of 头发. However, more scientific research is required to corroborate this. [15] [16] [17] [18]


维生素C, found in 柚子, is essential 为 producing 胶原蛋白, which strengthens tissues, organs, cells. 这可以增强你的牙龈和口腔表面的力量,防止它们感染或变弱, which can result in tooth loss 和 dangerous oral illnesses. It is also an excellent 家庭补救牙龈出血. [19]


Improves Wound Healing

高含量的维生素C已被证明有助于将死亡组织替换为菠菜导航网600组织,并促进 伤口 疗愈. 柚子含有维生素C,促进胶原蛋白的形成,使皮肤更灵活,促进愈合. [20]

Improves Bone Health

柚子富含各种维生素和矿物质,比如钙、铁、 、锌、 这些都对保持和改善骨骼菠菜导航网600很重要. Another boon of adequate 钾 is that it can aid in preventing 骨质疏松症. Potassium intake has been 连接 提高骨骼矿物质密度,因为它有助于促进其他基本矿物质的摄取,以保持骨骼强壮. [21] [22]

Prevents Muscle Stiffness

Potassium is important 为 fluid balance in the body. It is a key aspect of muscle cramping 和 stiffness. Without proper levels of 钾, 你可能会面临抽筋,肌肉拉伤和韧带撕裂, says a 报告 发表在《 American Family Physician. 幸运的是, pomelo supplies a good amount of 钾 content, which can help achieve this health goal. [23]

Pomelo vs Grapefruit

Pomelo is not a 葡萄柚, although it is easy to mistake the two, given their similar size, color, 和味道. 它们都是柑橘家族的成员,有很多相同的营养成分.

  • 大小: Pomelo is the largest of the citrus fruits, with 葡萄柚 as a close second. Pomelos are as large as a 哈密瓜 或者一个 西瓜, whereas a 葡萄柚 is about the size of a fist.
  • 颜色: Pomelo is yellow-green in color whereas a 葡萄柚 is yellowish-粉红色的 in color.
  • 地点: Pomelo is native to Malaysia, South-east Asia to be precise, 而葡萄柚最早生长在美国的亚热带地区(主要是佛罗里达和南加州).

How to Cut a Pomelo?

Pomelos aren’t the easiest fruits to eat or peel, thanks to their thick rind. Here are the steps to peel 和 cut a pomelo:

  • 步骤1: Using a sharp knife, start by cutting off the “cap” of the fruit. (You may have to cut through an inch, depending on the size of the pomelo.)
  • 步骤2: 然后,从切好的一端开始,沿着水果的外面垂直切8-10片.
  • 步骤3: 现在,把厚厚的果皮往下拉,去掉里面的果肉,看起来很像橘子. Pull the rind off the fruit completely.
  • 步骤4: 之后, pull the fleshy sections apart 和 remove the seeds.
  • 步骤5: Discard the excess fibrous material 和 enjoy it!

How To Eat A Pomelo?

Pomelo can be added to your diet in the following ways:

  • 沙拉: The Classic Spicy Thai Pomelo Salad Recipe is the perfect example.
  • 作为一个整体: 你可以把柚子切成小块吃,也可以和其他水果混在一起做水果沙拉吃.
  • 小吃: Dried 柚子 make f或者一个 great snack option but they have more added 糖. You can also add them to desserts.
  • 汁: You can blend them to make fresh pomelo juice. You can freeze the juice to make popsicles too.

警告: 这种水果富含维生素C和钾,对患有肝肾疾病的患者有害. 也, 低血压患者必须与医疗保健专业人员交谈,因为柚子可以显著降低血压. [24]

其他 than that, enjoy this rare 和 powerful fruit 为 better overall health!

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