14 好处 of 饮用水

by Meenakshi Nagdeve 最后一次更新, Medically reviewed by Emily Borth(MS, RDN)

The health benefits of drinking water include boosted energy levels, normal body temperature, 新陈代谢, and easy breathing. It also helps in preventing digestive issues like 便秘、头痛、 骨质疏松症. It plays an important role in kidney function and 皮肤 护理.

According to the United States Geological Survey, water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, 其中绝大部分(超过95%)在海洋中. 所有生物的代谢活动都需要水. It plays a vital role in our body and it is impossible to imagine the existence of an individual without it. [1]

水 is an essential component of our body and plays a vital role in maintaining nearly all major organ systems of the body. 按重量计算,人体含有高达60%的水. 它是唾液和粘液形成的组成部分. According to science, the brain and are composed of 73 percent water; the lungs- 83 percent; 皮肤- 64 percent; muscles and kidneys- 79 percent, and bones- 31 percent water.

Health 好处 of 饮用水

水 has one of the most important roles to play in maintaining a healthy body and some of its benefits include:

Physical Performance

脱水可能导致疲劳、动力下降和情绪波动. Several studies have been conducted on the role of water and hydration in physical performance, particularly in athletes and in the military. [2]

One such comprehensive research by the University of North Carolina has shown the effect of dehydration on physical performance. 它表明,在轻度脱水水平下,人们从事剧烈运动 physical activity 体验到与耐力降低相关的性能水平下降, increased fatigue, and increased perceived effort. [3]

Cheuvront SN et al. from the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine found that if the individual does not compensate for the fluid loss during high-intensity activities such as marathon 运行, it reduces endurance levels. [4]

因此, consuming ample 量 of water is very important to improve energy levels while exercising.

A man drinking a glass of water

每天喝八杯水是很重要的. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Brain Function and Headaches


A fluid balance helps in improving the mood, 提高记忆, reducing the frequency of headaches, and improving brain function. If the body experiences fluid loss, it may lead to 焦虑 and excessive fatigue. [5]

A study conducted in the Netherlands on eighteen volunteers who suffered from regular headaches (all a migraine) showed a reduction in the total number of hours of headaches and also its intensity after drinking 1.5 liters of water per day for a 12周的. [6] [7]


水, bottled, generic
钙,钙 [mg]10
镁、镁 [mg]2
钠,钠 [mg]2
铜、铜 [mg]0.01
Sources include : USDA [8]


水 carries oxygen, 营养物质, 并为身体各部分提供了排除毒素的介质, 死细胞, and waste material via the kidneys. [9]



与汽水和可乐等充气饮料不同,水不含卡路里. 它可以让你在饭前感到饱,这样你就不会吃得过多. [10]

It also promotes 新陈代谢 and thereby aids in 减肥. [11]

Studies conducted in Germany by researchers led by Michael Boschmann showed that drinking 500 ml of water increased the metabolic rate by 30 percent. 事实上, these metabolic rate increases were seen within 10 minutes of drinking the water and it reached a maximum after 30-40 minutes. [12]


许多皮肤问题可以通过饮用足够的水来预防. According to research, the 皮肤 may be more affected by frostbite and blisters if water levels are low in the body. [13]

Franche-Comté大学皮肤学系, France conducted a study on 80 individuals, 男人和女人, to assess the effect of natural 矿泉水 intake on the 皮肤. 结果表明,水合作用明显改善, softness as well as the smoothness of the 皮肤. [14]


水 is one of the major components that promote the smooth functioning of our digestive tract.

It helps in maintaining regular bowel movements and in preventing any difficulty in passing stool. 研究表明,水对便秘有积极的影响. [15]

水 also helps to keep the liver healthy. [16]


水 can help you with hangovers in two ways.

用不加糖的苏打水代替酒精饮料 柠檬 during parties may help you consume less alcohol and prevent the chance of hangovers at all.

On the other hand, if you have a feeling of 口干, thirst, fatigue, and headache caused by a heavy night of drinking, hydrating yourself can help. [17]


水 is an efficient solvent. This property helps prevent and minerals from accumulating to form stones, 当盐到达肾脏时被稀释并在尿液中排出. [18]

According to the Internatio部分 Kidney Stone Institute, consuming 2 liters or 10 glasses of water through food and beverages each day can help prevent the formation of kidney stones. [19]


Much of the human body is made up of water and it is responsible for the regulation of body temperature. [20]

天气热时菠菜导航网600出汗,通过蒸发来降低体温. 这种温度调节特性也归功于它. Particularly during 锻炼在美国,人体的水分流失(通过出汗)经常超过水分摄入量. 这使得水合作用在体力活动期间和之后更加重要.


According to the research, your bones may become weak if you regularly consume low 矿泉水. 此外,它对润滑关节也很重要. [21]

自来水含有大量对身体有益的矿物质. Do remember to filter it for preventing contamination. [22]

There is also evidence that acid-base imbalance may play a role in the formation of 骨质疏松症. While more research in this area is needed, studies show that individuals drinking adequate of water may have a reduced risk of 骨质疏松症. [23] [24]

氧气 & 呼吸

水 makes for 90 percent of human blood. 由于血液在体内携带氧气,保持身体的水分是很重要的.


The weight of the body is supported by the spi部分 cord. 水不仅是脊髓的减震器,也是大脑的减震器, helping to protect this delicate system. [25]


Drinking water may help in increasing your blood pressure if you are suffering from hypotension. [26]

However, many studies show zero or no relation between water and metabolic/心 disease. If you are suffering from any such condition, do ask for a tip on your fluid intake from your doctor.

脱水已被证明会增加血液粘度. 水有助于维持血液适当的粘度或厚度和粘性.

Some research shows that maintaining adequate hydration may be beneficial in lowering the risk of disorders 包括 coronary 心 disease and stroke. [27] [28]

孕妇 & 哺乳期妇女

A pregnant woman carries a new life in her womb that develops from her body’s resources.

在怀孕期间,女性的血容量增加,增加了她对水的需求. 其他 factors 包括 amniotic fluid and fetal circulation need also increase a pregnant woman’s hydration needs. [29]

Also, during infancy, the baby requires more water. 这可以通过母乳或配方奶粉来补充,但呕吐, 腹泻,或者炎热的气候可能会导致你的孩子脱水. So, it makes it important for 母乳喂养 mothers to keep themselves hydrated. [30]

Are you drinking enough water?

According to research, 平均8杯水(有时, even more) is recommended every day; however, there have been NIH studies that say fluid intake depends on other variable factors such as weather conditions and activity levels. [31]

A 2010 research report by Meinders AJ et al. 建议男性每天的液体摄入量为3,000 ml (12 cups) and women should have 2,200 ml (about 9 cups). 它还补充说,更多的液体摄入量并没有显示出任何令人信服的菠菜导航网600益处, 除了在预防复发性肾结石方面. 虽然你不一定要直接喝, 20% of our H20 intake can be fulfilled by our food intake through a proper diet rich in fruits and vegetables. [32]


Though water is safe and in fact necessary for life, it is possible to get too much of a good thing.

饮水过量会导致低钠血症或低钠血症 在血液中. 钠是一种电解质,对体液平衡非常重要. 这个条件, usually caused by other medical issues or medications, is serious and can be life-threatening. 除了患有心脏或肾脏疾病的人, severe vomiting or 腹泻, or those experiencing hormo部分 changes, 最容易患这种病的是耐力运动员. People lose both water and electrolytes through sweat; if you replace just the water and not the electrolytes they are losing during the activity, you can end up with hyponatremia. [33]

如果你的身体状况增加了你患低钠血症的风险, or take diuretic medications, speak with your doctor about your fluid needs.

总之,水是菠菜导航网600生活中不可或缺的一部分. So, carry a bottle along and keep sipping it!

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