好处 & 帕洛阿尔托茶的副作用

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Palo Azul 是一种很受欢迎的南美饮料, but its 独特的 nutritional profile and health benefits have caused it to rise in popularity in recent years in other parts of the world as well.

什么是Palo Azul茶?

Palo Azul 茶 is an herbal diuretic 茶 brewed with the bark of the Palo Azul plant, 科学被称为 Eysenhardtia polystachya. 也被称为肾木, this herb has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, 树皮中含有一些非常 独特的 营养物质. 当你购买帕洛阿尔托, 它通常以树皮的木屑的形式出现, 然后你可以把它泡在水里以释放类黄酮, 固醇, 和酚类 化合物 在这强大的植物中. 这些 活跃的 成分在体内有一系列的影响, but this 茶 is particularly well known for its hepatoprotective effects, meaning it protects the liver so it can properly detoxify the body. 近年来,情况有所好转 成为 很受那些需要通过药检的人欢迎, likely due to its diuretic effects flushing out metabolites 从 certain recreational drugs, 如大麻. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]



Palo santo is used in ritual smudging as it helps clear negative energy. 图片来源:在上面

The possible primary benefits of Palo Azul 茶 include the following:



The primary use of Palo Azul 茶 throughout history has been to strengthen and protect the body’s natural detoxification systems. Results 从 a study 发表 in Pharmacognosy Magazine indicate that this 茶 might prevent oxidative stress, 抑制肾脏和胰腺细胞损伤. 这种茶还可以降低你患肾结石的风险 菠菜导航网600的 排尿 以及体内毒素代谢产物的快速排出. [6] [7] [8]


The 活跃的 components of this 茶 are known to possibly minimize the pain and discomfort of arthritis, 以及其他炎症, 如 痛风. 另一项研究 发表 in the African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology showed that Palo Azul 茶 may even be effective in treating both chronic and acute inflammation, 有效地减少 水肿 (肿胀)在发炎的地方. [9] [10]


The incredible calming anti-inflammatory properties of Palo Azul 茶 extend to the digestive system as well. A 2018 study 发表 in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology indicates that this 茶 is an effective anti-diarrheal agent; just as effective as standard drugs. [11]


A study 发表 in Pharmacognosy Magazine showed promising effects on body weight in animal models. 老鼠接受 Eysenhardtia polysachya 不仅体重显著下降, 还有血糖, 甘油三酸酯, 和胆固醇. The mechanism for this weight loss effect is not well understood, 虽然这可能部分是由于植物的利尿作用. Further studies are needed to better explore the use of this 茶 as a potential weight loss aid. [12]


Oxidative stress is associated with many chronic diseases including cancer, 疾病、中风和 糖尿病. Compounds within the 茶 show high antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity, 哪些可能有助于预防这些情况. Palo Azul 茶 may also be especially an effective and protective agent for 糖尿病. 这种茶能抑制高血糖 , 高胆固醇,保护肝脏, all of which is important in helping to prevent various complications of 糖尿病. [13]


You can make Palo Azul 茶 at home quite simply if you can find the Palo Azul wood chips at an import store or specialist grocer. Let’s take a look at the simple instructions given below to make Palo Azul 茶 at home.

Pouring Palo azul or kidneywood 茶 in a glass on a wooden table


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  • 1 盎司 帕洛阿尔托树皮
  • 6 的水


  • To make Palo Azul 茶, bring 6 杯 的水 to boil in a large pot.
  • 往水里加1盎司帕洛阿尔托木片.
  • 盖上锅盖,让木片煮一个小时.
  • Remove 从 heat and remove the bark, which should be floating on top.
  • 你可以用热茶或冷茶来饮用这种茶. 如果你想喝冷饮,把它放在冰箱里冷藏几个小时. 
    Pouring Palo azul or kidneywood 茶 in a glass on a wooden table


煮茶时,茶的颜色会改变. It transitions through a variety of shades of brown, red, and blue. If you want the color of the 茶 to be bluer, you can cook it for half an 小时. Moreover, the blue color is merely seen as a refraction of light. 如果你想要更强烈的蓝色, pour the 茶 in a clear water bottle or glass and hold it near the light. 这将帮助你看到茶的蓝色色调. 

Palo Azul茶的副作用

帕洛阿尔托茶几乎没有副作用, 目前还没有中毒的报告. 然而, 有些人确实经历过肠胃不适, 这种茶不建议孕妇和哺乳期妇女饮用, 鉴于其潜在影响缺乏可靠的研究.


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