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土豆 diet, as the name implies, is a short-term diet that restricts your food intake to only 土豆es. It is commonly used as a rapid weight-loss strategy, though it lacks scientific verification. 而有些变体允许添加 和油,这些添加剂必须非常少地使用.


马铃薯减肥法是一种非常流行的快速减肥法 减肥. Although some form of this diet has been around for more than 150 years, 最近它又回到了流行文化中. Essentially, the 土豆 diet consists of eating only 土豆es for 3-5 consecutive days. 有一些坊间证据表明它的功效, 以及一些知名人士的推荐信. 但没有科学研究证实这些影响. In addition, you should be aware of the side-effects of following such crash diets. 虽然它可以帮助你减肥, 还有对抗效应, such as low intake of important nutrients and the possibility of disturbing your body’s 新陈代谢. [1]


在严格的饮食方面有各种各样的变化, 但是指令是相当直接的, 提姆·斯蒂尔提出的, 在他的书中 马铃薯窍门:简化减肥. 他的规则如下: [2]

  1. 3-5天内只吃普通的煮熟的土豆.
  2. 一个人每天应该吃2-5磅土豆.
  3. 避免所有其他菠菜导航网,包括 奶酪, 黄油、酸奶油、 萨尔萨舞、番茄酱等.
  4. 盐可以少量使用,但只有在绝对需要的时候.
  5. 口渴时,只喝水 ,黑 咖啡,或水.
  6. 避免重 锻炼,但轻度运动()是可以接受的,甚至是鼓励的.
  7. 服用所有处方药,但不要服用任何非处方药 膳食补充剂.

土豆减肥法对你有帮助吗 减肥? 图片来源:在上面


的 rules of this diet are quite clear on what you can eat, as briefly outlined below:

  • 每天吃2-5磅熟土豆.
  • 盐是允许的,但应该少用
  • 油、酱、调味品(在更宽松的策略中允许)
  • Yellow or gold 土豆es are allowed in some variations, but not in strict versions
  • 山药/ 甜土豆 are allowed in some variations, but not in others, as they are higher in calories and 维他命A


  • 除了煮熟的土豆外,不要吃任何菠菜导航网
  • 在准备土豆(如炸薯条)时避免使用过量的油


大多数采用这种饮食法的人每天吃2-5磅土豆, 所以,虽然这听起来可能违反减肥的直觉, 土豆的卡路里出奇的低. Even that volume of 土豆es each day would only total 700-1700 calories, which is below the recommended daily calorie intake for either men or women. [3]

Although 减肥 may seem like an insurmountable problem for many people, the basic equation is simple—the balance between the calories consumed and the calories burned each day. 如果你消耗的比消耗的多,你就会减肥. If you are eating two pounds of 土豆es per day, you take in roughly 700 calories. 普通男性每天燃烧约2500卡路里. 差别是每天1800卡路里. 要减掉一磅,你必须燃烧大约3500卡路里. Thus, in two days, eating two pounds of 土豆es per day, you could theoretically lose one pound. If you increased your activity levels to burn even more calories, the 减肥 could be higher.


另外, 土豆含有蛋白酶抑制剂, a compound that can reduce hunger by slowing down the digestive process. This makes it easier for you to get through this highly restrictive diet without snacking or cheating. 现在,这种饮食的推荐时间是3-5天. Some people do claim to have used it for longer with more significant effects. However, there is a dearth of certain nutrients in 土豆es, which would cause problems over time. [4]


而土豆饮食无疑是沉闷的, 土豆的某些营养成分惊人地丰富, 包括大量的 , , 维生素C. 话虽如此,它们的其他关键营养成分也很低,比如 和维生素A.  还有大量的饮食 纤维 在土豆里,尤其是如果你选择保留 on, which can help to aid the digestive process throughout this starch-heavy diet. 然而这种饮食是不可持续的, you will be getting a good amount of key nutrients during this weight-loss stint. [5]

适合那些想要快速减肥的人, 土豆饮食也是一种相当简单和便宜的选择. 土豆在任何地方都能买到, 它们是最便宜的蔬菜之一. For the price and ease of this diet, 土豆es may be healthier than other ‘crash diet’ options.


A 土豆es-only diet means you are consuming a very low level of fats and 蛋白质, two major nutrient gr牛津大学出版社s that the body needs to function properly. You will get a small amount of protein, roughly 4 grams per 土豆, but a negligible amount of fats. When the body loses weight rapidly, it often takes that weight from muscle mass. Without a consistent stream of protein from the 土豆es you’re eating, 你可能正在快速消耗你的肌肉. [6]

此外, 正如许多速成饮食的风险一样, 很多人在减肥后很快就会反弹. 这篇文章来自 国际肥胖杂志 explains, the body begins to slow its 新陈代谢 to conserve calories when on a crash diet. 实际上, your body can begin to work against your goal of keeping the weight off, 一旦你恢复正常饮食,燃烧卡路里的速度就会减慢. 在这一点上,你的体重会反弹. [7]

极端饮食总是有风险的, 特别是如果进行的时间超过3天到一周. Nutrient deficiencies can easily occur and energy levels can drop, along with immune system health. You may also end up training your body to maintain unhealthy metabolic cycles. 如果你为了快速见效而选择遵循这种饮食方式, do so wisely and only after consulting a doctor to get an updated idea of your health status. [8]


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